Ecumenism of Life

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Jeffrey Kirch, CPPS


The Second Vatican Council ushered in a new age of ecumenism in the Christian Church. Ecumenism was a central focus both in several documents and in the practical experience of the Council. Half a century has passed since the conclusion of the Council and full, visible unity seems to be as remote as it was fifty years ago. Walter Kasper asserts that an ecumenism of life is necessary for the restoration of full unity in the Christian Church. This article argues that this ecumenism of life can be achieved in a threefold manner: fully implementing the teachings of Unitatis redintegratio, embodying the wisdom of the World Council of Church’s Lund Principle, and utilizing Karl Rahner and Heinrich Fries' arguments for doctrinal agreement.   

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Jeffrey Kirch, CPPS, Saint Joseph's College

Jeffrey Kirch, CPPS. is a Missionary of the Precious Blood who is currently assigned to the General Curia in Rome. Prior to moving to Rome, he received his PhD from Loyola University in Chicago and his dissertation examined ecumenical ecclesiology. After graduating from Catholic Theological Union in 2004 he taught at Saint Joseph’s College in Rensselaer, Indiana.